Pocket Option Social Trading: How to find the best traders


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(Last Updated On: 17th August 2023)

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Do you want to sleep all day and enjoy your vacation while receiving tons of money from your trading platform in your Bank account?

Well, Your answer must be..why not!! who doesn’t want this?  This will be living like life in heaven right?

But the real question is. It is possible?

Well, my answer is yes. If you are a trader who doesn’t want to trade yourself and If you want someone professional trader to trade for you for a very small amount of fee and you can keep relaxing and keep making money then Pocket Option Social Trading or you can call it Pocket Option Copy Trading is made for you.


What is Pocket Option Social Trading?

Pocket Option Social Trading is a very unique concept that allows traders to copy professional trader trades and make money equally. The traders usually charge a very small amount of fee and allow you to copy their trades and strategies in return. The main motive for introducing this concept was to help newbie traders start a trading career without much experience and skills.

Pocket Option is a user-friendly platform and therefore they offer numerous functions and options which can help and improve your trading results and copying experience. You can easily find and select highly profitable traders. However, The more experience and high-quality trader you select the more you may need to pay in the form of commission.

Key Points

  • Pocket option social trading is a unique concept that allows traders all around the globe to copy experienced traders’ trades and strategies.
  • This feature is most useful for an inexperienced trader who doesn’t have much skill and trading experience but still wants to make money from trading.
  • You can select the most experienced traders from the trading platform. Typically Pocket Option ranks the traders based on the performance factors like profitability, consistency and trading strategies.
  • Pocket Option offers numerous copying options such as copying ratios and the number of funds you want to allocate.


How to get started with Pocket Option Copy Trading?



Getting started with  Pocket Option Copy Trading or Pocket Option Social Trading is very easy. Just follow the steps below

Step 1: Open your Pocket Option chart. In case, you don’t have one click here.

Step 2: Secondly, Make a deposit on the Pocket Option trading platform as you can’t copy a trader in your demo account. Just click on the top-up button at the top of the page and deposit at least $100 for the best results.

Step 3: Next, click on the Social Trading icon on the right-hand side of the chart

Step 3: Now, Find the best trader you want to copy.

Step 4: Lastly, make the necessary amendments such as copy ratio & more and once you are done click apply.


Watch Good Traders



Before you copy a trader’s trades you should definitely watch their trading results and trading strategies. In order, to watch a trader just click on the name and click the watch button. Watching a trader does not mean you are copying their trades but it allows you to observe their trading strategies and success ratio. I will highly suggest you watch as many good traders as you can. It will help you understand Social trading more appropriately and will help you become a pro in trading.


How to find the best traders for Pocket Option Copy Trading


Once you have started watching pro traders. It’s now time to check out their statistics. To help you find the best traders Pocket Option provides insights of traders using three stats i.e. Trading Stats, Social Stats and Achievement.


In Trading statistics, You can check out their trading results such as the number of trades, profitable ratio, trading turnover, profit & more. A trader with a profit ratio of above 50% at all time is considered a good trader. As you can see above I have found a very good trader he has a profit ratio of about 72% plus he is an experienced trader and their trading statics are pretty good.



In Social Statistics, You can check out the trader followers and communication skills. It does not directly impact a trader’s trading skills however, the more followers a trader has the more trustworthy he or she will be.


Lastly, You can check the trader’s achievements. These stats signals how much a trader is active and how much reward he has actually received from the Pocket Option trading platform.












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