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(Last Updated On: 28th April 2023)

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Demarker indicator is one of the underrated but effective trading indicators that Olymp Trade offers.  This indicator uses overbought and oversold signals. If you have used RSI or Stochastic you won’t find much issues in understanding the concept.

How to Configure the Demarker indicator on the Olymp Trade chart

Firstly, log in to your Olymp Trade account. In case, you don’t have one or fill in the form below.

Once, you signed up, you will land on the Olymp Trade dashboard. Click on the chart button and make sure to change your default chart to the candlestick.

Next, click on the indicator box and search and select the Demarker indicator from the list.

How to trade with the Demarker Indicator?

You can see above, that a line fluctuates around the indicator. it represents the behaviour of the price. When the line is near or below the 0.3 zone it means that the market is bullish and similarly, when the line is near or above the 0.7 zone it means that the market is bearish.

Given above is a 30 minute chart and we can clearly, the Demarker line below the 0.30 zone which indicates that the market is bullish and we can place a buy trade with 30 minutes timer.

Similarly, given above is a 30 minutes chart and we can clearly see the Demarker line above 0.70 which means that the market is bearish and we can place a sell trade here.

Final words

You must be wondering what is the use of the middle line 0.50. You can use it to place short term trades. Just like above when the Demarker line is coming from the 0.30 and cuts to 0.50. You can place a short term 5 or 10 minutes buy trade here because it is very near to the 0.70 and can soon change the trend.

Similarly, when the Demarker line cuts the 0.50 zone after coming from the 0.70 zone. You can place a short 5 – 10 minutes sell trade as the line is very close to the 0.30 zone and a trend reversal is possible.

So, this is the end of this article. I hope you have found this article helpful. I will highly suggest you try this indicator on the Olymp Trade demo account and once you are confident enough shift to Olymp Trade real account.







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