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(Last Updated On: 17th August 2023)

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Are you still searching in Google How to make a living from Pocket Option trading?

Well, I can understand your pain. In these seven years of my trading career, I have faced multiple losses and financial stress and maybe you are also going through the same.

Well, don’t worry. I have a piece of good news for you. The losses that you are facing right now are temporary and sooner or later you will surely make a living from trading.

In this article, I will help you achieve your goals faster. I will share my seven years of experience with you. I will also help you figure out which indicators you should use, and which time frame you should use in the Pocket Option trading platform. You can also say that I am going to share with you a Pocket Option Hack or Pocket Option cheat sheet so, let’s get started.


Step 1: Activate the Pocket Option Bonus


Pocket Option bonus


The first thing you should do is open a Pocket Option account and activate the Pocket Option welcome bonus.  Bonuses are important as it helps you to stay longer in the market and it even helps you recover your previous losses. To activate the welcome bonus click this link and find the top-up button at the top of the page now enter the promo code 50START. This code is exclusively made for our readers and it will activate up to a 100% welcome bonus for you.

Step 2: Practice in the Demo account for a while


Pocket Option Hack


The second most important step is to practice in the Pocket Option demo account. Pocket Option is a beginner-friendly platform and therefore they offer a practice account where you can practice your trading strategies for free. Here, You will get $10, 000 in your demo account and via which you can improve your trading skills. I will highly suggest you try practising for at least two weeks and keep a note of how you are performing in your demo account. Once you start getting good results that signals that you can now shift to the Pocket Option real account.


Step 3: Select the Basic Indicators


Pocket Option Hack


If you just starting out in Pocket Option I will strictly advise you to start with the basic indicators like Stochastic and Parabolic SAR. Some traders on youtube might suggest you go with big indicators like Vortex or Ichimoku. But, I won’t suggest you go with such big indicators in the beginning as it might make things more complicated for you and you can end up losing your hard earned money.


Step 4: Pocket Option Hack | How to Trade with Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Oscillator


Pocket Option Hack


For Instance, Let’s begin with a combination of Parabolic SAR and Stochastic Oscillator. These two indicators are basic indicators but very powerful and can give you great results. To activate these two indicators click on the indicator button at the top of the page and find and select two indicator names from the list. Next, darken the line or edit the indicator lines based on your convenience.


Pocket Option Hack


Now, when you see the Parabolic SAR below the candlestick plus the Stochastic indicator line above 80 it signals a bullish trend and here, we can place a buy trade and vice versa, when you see the Parabolic SAR above the candlestick plus the Stochastic indicator line below line 20 it signals a bearish trend and here, we can place a sell trade.


Step 5: Follow a Strict Money Management rule


Pocket Option Money Management


If you really want to become a professional trader. You should follow a very strict Money Management Rule. I personally use the 10% rule i.e. I never invest more than 10% of trading capital in a day. I also follow a three-loss principle i.e. when I lose three continuous times I leave trading for that day. You can also create your own money management strategy however, the most important thing is to stand by money management rule and follow it strictly.

Step 6: Withdraw your earnings


Pocket Option Withdrawal


Lastly,  Remember to withdraw your earnings that exceed your trading capital. Suppose you invested $1000 and you earned  $100 on Monday now, trading capital must be $1100. So, you should withdraw the $100 as soon as possible to your bank account this will help you stay in profit for a long duration. You should never ever trade with your earnings instead withdraw it as soon as possible.

So, this is the end of this article. I hope this article will help you and improve your trading accuracy. Try the above strategy on the Pocket Option demo account do comment below If you have found this article helpful or If you still have any doubts do comment below I will try to help you as soon as possible.






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