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(Last Updated On: 22nd September 2023)

If you are from India you must have watched Bollywood movies and based on that Olymp Trade has recently launched a new index name Moonch Index. In this article, I will share everything about Moonch Index and how you can trade with the same.


How to configure Moonch Index on Olymp Trade?


 To configure Moonch Index on Olymp Trade, firstly log in to your Olymp Trade account. In case you don’t have one sign up via the form given below.



Once, you signed up click on the currency tab and search for Moonch Index in the menu. and click the name.





What is Mooch Index?


Moonch Index is a religion-specific asset for Indian traders. You won’t find this asset on any other platform. the movement of the asset is based on Bollywood movies and Bollywood stars. This asset is considered a bit volatile. and therefore, I will highly recommend to you use a fast indicator.


How to trade with the Moonch Index on Olymp Trade?


Moonch Index is a highly volatile asset and therefore, you should consider using a fast-moving indicator. I personally think that Parabolic SAR will be a great fit for this asset. 


To configure Parabolic SAR, just click the indicator button and search for the indicator and click the name.



Parabolic SAR ribbons around the price as a series of dots. when the dots are below the candle it signals an upcoming bullish and you can place a buy trade.


Similarly, when the dots are above the candle it signals an upcoming bearish trend and here you can place a sell trade.


Final Point

Moonch Index is the latest security launched by Olymp Trade. This asset is exclusively launched for traders that reside in India If you are a trader from outside India you can’t access this asset. The price movement of this asset basically depends on Bollywood movies and their stars.

So, this is the whole concept of the Moonch Index and how you can trade with the same. Of course, you can try other indicators. using indicators like RSI, Stochastic won’t be a bad idea. Try other indicators on the Olymp Trade demo account. and do comment below which one worked for you. Till then I wish you the very best of luck 🙂



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