Learn to spot and trade three white soldiers easily on Olymp Trade


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(Last Updated On: 16th August 2022)

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Three white soldiers is one of the most popular and effective candlestick pattern that helps us to identify the upcoming bullish trend.

Today in this article I will teach you How to identify three white soldiers on Olymp Trade and how to trade with it.

What is three white soldiers

Three white soldiers is a very strong candlestick pattern that allows you to identify the upcoming bullish trend. the pattern is made from the composition of three long green-bodied candles that opens above the opening of the previous candle.

This pattern is really easy to identify as it appears just like a staircase and one above the other. this candlestick pattern will be considered even stronger if it appears after a strong bottom trend.

How to identify three white soldiers on the Olymp Trade trading platform

Identifying three white soldiers is very easy. as I said above it appears just like a staircase. open your Olymp Trade account first and check the candles.


As you can see above all three candles are green in colour. and placed just like a staircase one after another. the opening and the closing of the following candles are higher than the opening and closing of the former candle.

How to trade with the pattern


As given above, when the three white soldiers pattern appears after a strong downtrend or support level it signals an upcoming bullish trend and then we can place a buy trade.



The most important thing you need to remember while trading with three white soldiers is that this candlestick pattern must appear after a strong downtrend or at a support level. As you can see above the candlestick pattern appears after an uptrend and resistance level. So, don’t place a buy trade here as it will certainly go down.

Final Words

Three white soldiers is one of the highly profitable candlestick pattern and it doesn’t appear often. Therefore, it is very important that you use this pattern properly and place good trades. this pattern is very strong and you can even place multiple trades and am sure it give you a big profit.

So, this is how you should trade with the three white soldiers the best thing you can do today is try and find this pattern on a free demo account of Olymp Trade and start investing real money once you have practised properly.





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