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Get high quality Olymp Trade Signals using X Signals


X Signals is one of the popular trading tools that you can easily use on Olymp Trade to get quality signals and attain a high-profit ratio.

What is X Signals

X Signals is one of the most popular and trusted signal bot that provides high-quality trading signals both for Fixed time trade and Forex on the Olymp Trade platform.

The trading signals are generated 24/7 by an algorithm based on precise calculations done by experts. they provide you with trading signals on multiple pairs of currencies, cryptocurrencies and you need to select the best pairs of signals based on numerous factors.

How to get started with X Signals

Firstly click this link and you land on the X Signals homepage. next click the pricing button.



Now, select your desired account. If you are a beginner you can start with a free account. I personally want an ultimate account.



Now, enter your email, password & hit sign up. and make payment. In case you are not been redirected to the payment page. click on upgrade account.




Now, click on buy. If you have signed up via our link you will get 25% instant off.




Once you have made the payment your account will be upgraded as in my case it’s ultimate.



Olymp Trade Signals: How to configure X Signals on Olymp Trade

If you want to get signals on your android phone. just download the app.



Now, in order to receive signals. click the signal button and open your Olymp Trade account.




That’s it!! Your dashboard will look something like the given below.


Olymp Trade VIP Signals: How X Signals works

You won’t find much issues in understanding the concept of how X Signals works. you just need to understand the structure of the signal and the meaning of each element in order to analyse the market data correctly. the signal contain multiple elements like a financial asset, heatmap, and signal power.


01: Financial Asset: The financial asset on which the signal appeared.

02: Level: Stop loss and Take profit levels.

03. Time: Time since the appearance of the signal and the time frame of the studied chart.

04. Power: The strength of the financial asset signal.

05. Call: Buy and sell call

06. Heatmap: Heatmap is the graphical representation of the profitability of the signal depending on the current ones. Heatmap shows the profitability or profit factor of the signal using various indicators like Williams % R, Bulls power, bear power & more.

7: <SRT>: Signal generation algorithm.


How to trade with the combination of X Signals and Olymp Trade?

Trading with the combination of X Signals and Olymp Trade is easy. You just need to focus on the strength of the signal and the time frame.



As you can see above we have got multiple signals. however, the signals whose signal strength is three or above are considered good signals. once you have spotted a good trading signal you need to search for the same asset in the currency tab of the Olymp Trade.



As we can see below NZDUSD, USDCAD and USDJPY have a good signal so here, we can place three trades accordingly.


Final Words

X Signals is a high-quality signal bot. I am personally using this bot for quite a while and it does give pretty decent signals. You can also combine the bot with indicators like RSI, Williams %R for better results. I will highly recommend you try this bot for free and once you have started getting good results upgrade your account. Use our link for a flat 25% discount. do comment on your experience with this bot below. I would love to hear from you. till then I wish you the very best of luck 🙂


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