How to identify three black crows on Olymp trade


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(Last Updated On: 18th October 2022)

Three black crows is just the opposite of the three white soldiers. In my previous article, I covered three white soldiers and in this article, I will cover everything about three black crows like how to find three black crows and how to trade with them.

What is the three black crows pattern?

The three black crows is a three-bodied bearish pattern that helps us to identify and analyse the upcoming bearish reversals and upcoming bearish trends. This pattern appears after the resistance level or big up trend. you can easily identify this pattern as it appears just like a downward slope staircase one after the other. the following candles open just near or below the closing of the previous candle.

How to identify three black crows candlestick pattern on Olymp Trade

To identify the three black crows on Olymp trade isn’t a tough job. as I said above it appears just like a downslope staircase one below the other.

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As you can see above the candles I marked in a box are red in colour and placed just below each other just like a staircase. It is a not perfect three-black crow pattern but for your understanding, I have selected a random one.


Three black crows strategy: How to trade


Trading with three black crows is as easy as identifying the pattern. when the three black crows pattern appears after a resistance level or an uptrend. it is a signal of an upcoming bearish trend and you can place a sell trade here.

Final words

The most important thing you need to remember while trading with three black crows is that it should appear after a strong uptrend or resistance level. As you can see above the pattern appeared after a resistance level. so, here we can place a sell trade.

Three black crows and three white soldiers is a highly profitable candlestick pattern that can give you big bucks. however, this candlestick doesn’t appear very often therefore it is very important to use this pattern properly and place high-quality trades. this pattern is very strong and you can even place multiple trades.

So, I have done my job. I hope you have found this article helpful. In this article, I have covered everything about three black crows on Olymp trade in case you facing any issues do comment below.

I wish you the very best of luck!!






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