How to trade with the Bull power and Bear power indicators on Olymp trade


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(Last Updated On: 19th January 2023)

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About Bulls and Bears power indicator


  • The Bull power indicator attempts to measure the strength of the buyer in front of the seller. while the Bear power indicator attempts to measure the strength of sellers in front of buyers.


  • Both the indicators use the EMA line usually with period 13 to find the possible entry and exit points and upcoming trends.


  • When bulls are dominating the market, the price rise and the moving average’s slope will be in an upward direction. similarly, when the bears gain domination the price falls and the slope of the moving average will be in a downward direction.



Configure the indicator on the Olymp trade


Firstly, you need an Olymp Trade account. In case, you don’t have one. click here or you can also sign up via the form given below.


You can sign up here try….


Now, enter your email address, password, and hit registration.



Once, you have signed up you will see the trading dashboard.  click on the indicator button.



Now, click on the Oscillators option.



Lastly, click on the Bulls power and Bears power indicator names. 



If you want to configure indicators. or you want to change the colours of moving average lines. just click on the setting button. and you are good to go.





How to trade with a combination of Bulls Power and Bears Power



Trading with the combination of Bulls and Bears power indicators is relatively easy. both the indicators ribbons around a  “0” line the intersection of these two lines generates buy and sell signals the indicator can be used to predict the upcoming bullish or bearish trend.




When both the Bear line and Bull line intersect the zero line from the bottom and later stay above the zero line in an uptrend it is a signal of a bullish trend. and here we can place a buy trade.



Similarly, when both the Bull line and Bear line intersects the zero line from the top and the line stays below the same, it signals an upcoming bearish trend and we can place a sell trade here.


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