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(Last Updated On: 6th September 2022)

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If you have been trading for a while you must have thought why don’t you get extra rewards and bonuses for your trading experience and profit? well, Olymp trade heard you. the company has introduced the trader’s way and account statuses where you get extra rewards and bonuses for your trading experience and skills.



What is the trader’s way?

The trader’s way is just like a loyalty programme where the company offers you extra rewards and bonuses for your trading experience and skills. the company rewards the traders based on their account statuses: beginner, advanced, and expert. You can take the advantage of perks and rewards from the platform. It doesn’t matter what’s your trading experience level is. you will keep getting rewards and points also known as XP. using these points you can upgrade your account from starter to advanced and then to an expert. expert is the highest level where you become a VIP trader and you receive the highest rewards and points.


What are account statutes?



Account statutes are the type of account you hold. as said above, the company offers you rewards or XP points based on the account you hold. the company offers three types of accounts statutes:


  • Starter status: this is a basic level account you get as make your first deposit.


  • Advanced status: when you make a deposit of above $ 500. here, you will get better returns with high-priority support.


  • Expert Status: this is an account where you can trade like a pro. here, you will at most return with high-priority support & more.


Starter Status


There are no points necessary for starter status. you can easily create a starter account by making a minimum deposit of $ 30.


With a starter account you will get the following benefits:


  • You can earn up to 82% on your investment.


  • Withdraw your funds within 24 hrs with normal priority.


  • Maximum numbers of open positions 20 in fixed time trade and 100 in forex.


  • Maximum trade amount $3,000 in fixed-time trade and $2,000 in forex.


  • You get essential trading signals and education from the company.


  • You get five unique strategies in fixed-time trade and three in forex


Advanced Status


To activate advanced status you need to make a deposit of at least $500. here you get multiple benefits like a high rate of returns. given below is the list of benefits that you get with advanced status.


  • You can earn up to 85% on your investment’


  • Withdraw your funds with high priority. faster than a normal account.


  • You get a commission of 10% on forex.


  • The maximum amount of trade you can make on fixed-time trade is $4,000 and $3,000 on forex.


  • The Maximum number of trades you can open at a time is 50 on Fixed time trade and 100 on Forex. you can even set a trailing stop loss on forex.


  • You get access to a personal advisor with a personal analyst and specialized webinars.


  • You get essential trading signals from the company plus you get 12 unique strategies for fixed-time trade and eight strategies for forex.


Expert Status


You need to make a deposit of at least 2,000 to activate the expert status. here, you can trade like a pro and get the maximum benefits that the company can offer.


  • You can earn up to 92% on your investment.


  • You get risk-free trades of 5% of your deposit on Fixed time trade. with a commission discount of 20% on forex.


  • You can withdraw your funds instantly with high priority.


  • The maximum trade amount you get is $5,000 on fixed-time trade and $2,000 on forex.


  • You get private trading signals of high quality plus you get a personal advisor with quality education.


  • You get twenty unique strategies on fixed-time trade with fifteen on forex.

As you can see you get multiple advantages with attaining the highest status. you get the best returns with high-quality support and guidance. I will highly suggest you give it a try. start trading with Olymp trade and start earning XP points. If you are facing any issues do comment below or simply contact the customer support of Olymp trade. they will help you instantly.

I wish you the very best of luck!!










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