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(Last Updated On: 23rd August 2022)


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Kingfin is one of the most popular affiliate platforms and the official affiliate programme of the Olymp Trade. In this article, I will cover everything about Kingfin and how to make money with Kingfin.

What is Kingfin?

As, I said above. Kingfin is one of the trending affiliate programmes and the official affiliate partner of Olymp Trade. and It allows you to earn up to 60% commission on the traders you refer. the best part is that you can earn a recurring income from the traders you refer.

In case you don’t know:

Olymp Trade is an international broker that allows traders to buy or sell commodities, currencies & more digitally. they provide access to over 100+ financial assets including cryptocurrencies.

The company came into existence in the year 2014 and in these 8 years, the company has become one of the most established brokers and has won multiple forex awards and certifications.

How to get started with Kingfin

Getting started with the affiliate program is very easy. first of all click this link and you land on the homepage of Kingfin. Just enter your email, password and click register.


How does the Kingfin work


     Sign up => Place affiliate link => Bring traffic => Earn profit


  • Visit their official site and register: First of all, you need to sign up via their affiliate program. click here.


  • Place your affiliate link on your website or your youtube channel: Once you have signed up, You will get an affiliate link and you need to place them on your website or youtube channel.



  • Earn profit: Once you start attracting traders you will earn up to 60% commission.


Final words



Kingfin is one of the renowned affiliate programmes. they provide you with high-quality landing pages and banners. you will get a personal manager who is always there to help you. You can always contact them via mail or you can call them they will assist you as soon as possible.

Olymp trade is a huge brand and is highly convertible. so, yes you can make some big bucks with Kingfin. the best thing you can do today is trying signing up with the Kingin programme and start promoting Olymp Trade using your blogs, youtube channels or more. do comment below on how much profit did you make and how was your experience with Kingfin.






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