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Iq Option Wiki | India | Review | Demo | Forex | USA | Pros | Cons

Iq Option Wiki | India | Review | Demo | Forex | USA | Pros | Cons: Hello Folks… In this article, I’m going to talk about one of the hot Trading Broker Iq Option.

So, If you are looking for Iq Option Review or have any questions related to that then this article is surely for you…

So, Keep reading ahead Iq Option Wiki | India | Review | Demo | Forex | USA | Pros | Cons.

Iq Option Wiki

What is Iq Option?

If you are related to the field of Trading or have just stepped in the field of Trading then I bet you must have heard about the Broker Iq Option.

Now, coming to the question What is Iq Option?

It is trading broker site/app which enables traders to trade currencies, commodities like gold, silver & more.


Iq Option is one of the Popular Trading Platform it was introduced back in 2008.

Russian Market was the first to test this platform. and within a very short period of time, this platform gained a massive interest, popularity among Russian Traders.

After it’s worldwide popularity the developers created IOS and android application so that users can trade easily anywhere anytime.

Iq Option has a huge fan base and is currently one of the leaders in the field of trading.


Iq Option India

This is the most common question I have been asked frequently whether I can trade in Iq Option from India or not?

Well, my answer is a BIG YESSSS!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Fellas, you can trade in Iq option with a minimum deposit of just $10.

Note: Creating an account with Iq Option is 100% Free Click Here and you can Trade and practice in Demo Account.

Iq Option USA

If you from the USA and you are damn serious regarding Trading then yes same applies to you..

You can trade with a minimum deposit of $10 and you can trade for as low as $1.

Note: Creating an account with Iq Option is 100% Free Click Here and you can Trade and practice in Demo Account.

Iq Option Review

By now I have told you a lot about Iq option but now the real question arises is it actually worth?

Iq Option Signup

Signing Up with Iq option is damn easy please Follow these steps.

Firstly, Click this link (please don’t think so much as I said creating an account in Iq Option is completely Free) and you will land to the Homepage of Iq option.

Secondly, click on signup and enter your details like Email and Password.


That’s it!!! Congrats the basic setup is now over.

Finally, you will reach to the dashboard of your account which looks something like given below.

Now don’t just go and start trading please if you are a beginner please practice trading properly first.

If you go and start trading without prior experience I assure you will lose all your precious money.

Now, you must be wondering from where do I start well, simply just click on more button Can you see that three dots in the bottom and then click on the tutorial.

After you click it you will see a bunch of courses and tutorials which will help you in trading.

You can also go and learn to trade from udemy, youtube.


If you know me I was a trader in Olymptrade.

I was trading in Olymptrade for 1.5 years from now no doubt it’s a great platform and they give return up to 82% in a normal account.

Olymp Trade Demo Account

Yes, you heard right up to 82% and this is the key difference between Olymptrade and Iq Option.

Iq option will give you a return for up to 92% and who doesn’t love high profits.

I am using Iq Option for like about 1 month now and I have found some features more than olymptrade in this platform.

So, according to me Iq Option much better than Olymptrade in terms of profit.

According to my research, they give the highest return which allotted in other platform premium account.

Now, coming to your question is it Legit?

The best way to determine if any app is legit or not is Google Play Review…


As you can see above Iq option has crazy 4.3 stars which mean it is 100% Legit and as per my research they have no complaints regarding payments & more.


  • Demo Account of $10,000 is allotted to become a pro player.
  • High return up to 92%
  • Iq option is one of the Trusted and safest platforms.
  • The deposit and withdrawal process with Olymp trade is damn easy
  • They offer numerous tools, guides, webinars to teach newbie regarding the trading.
  • 4.3 google Play rating


  • It is to be noted that trading in any field binary, crypto anywhere is a bit riskier. But once you pro you can control the risk.


As I said in my review section they are 100.00% Legit platform.

However, It should be noted that trading in any field binary, crypto anywhere is a bit riskier. But once you pro you can control the risk.

So, go create your account now and start trading…

Iq Option Deposit & Withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal process with Iq option is damn easy if you like quick transactions you can use an e-wallet.

However, there are various options like Visa, Netteller, Webmoney you can even make the transaction via wire money.

As you can see above there various options available you can use Visa/Master card, Bitcoin & more.

Winding Up:

So, This is the end of this article I hope you found this article helpful.

By now you must have understood Iq Option Wiki, Iq Option India, Iq Option Review, Iq Option Demo, Iq Option Forex, Iq Option USA, Iq Option Pros, Iq Option Cons.


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