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{ March 2021 } Easy IQ Option Cheats that changed my trading career

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IQ Option Review | Wiki | Deposit | Winning Strategy | Hack | Tricks | Withdrawal | Forex: Hello Folks… In this article, I’m going to talk about one of the popular Trading Brokers i.e Iq Option.

So, If you are looking for IQ Option Review or have any questions related to that then this article is surely for you…

 Keep reading ahead IQ Option Review | Wiki | Deposit | Winning Strategy | Hack | Tricks | Withdrawal | Forex.

IQ Option Wiki

If You are an internet user you must have seen the IQ Option ad at least once.

The ad became very popular where they showing a guy trading via the IQ Option app and earning Big bucks out of it.

However, the real question arises, Is it really that simple to earn money via IQ Option.

Well, don’t worry, therefore, I will cover everything including my IQ Option Winning Strategy.

What is IQ Option?

This is one of the most common questions What is IQ Option or Iq Option Wiki that I have been asked by people a lot of time.

If you are related to the field of Trading or have just stepped into the field of Trading then I bet you must have heard about the Broker Iq Option at least once in your life.

Now, coming to the question What is Iq Option?

It is a trading broker site/app which enables traders to trade i.e BUY or SELL currencies, commodities like gold, silver & more and earn profit via this process.



Iq Option is one of the Popular Trading platforms it was introduced back in 2008.

Russian Market was the first to test this platform. and within a very short period of time, this platform gained a massive interest, popularity among Russian Traders.

After it’s worldwide popularity the developers created IOS and android applications so that users can trade easily anywhere anytime.

Iq Option has now a huge fan base and is currently one of the leaders in the field of trading.


Iq Option Trading: How IQ Option Works?

Now, coming to the next question How Iq Option Works?


How does Iq Option work?
How does the Iq Option work?

Step:1 > IQ Option Sign Up

Signing Up with the Iq option is damn easy please Follow these steps.

Firstly, Click this link (Signing Up is absolutely Free and it takes just 5 Secs.) and you will land to the Homepage of Iq option.


Iq Option Sign Up
Iq Option Sign Up

or If you like the quick sign-up method, fill the form below.

You can sign up here try….

Enter your Email and Password and That’s it!!! Congrats the basic setup is now over.

Finally, you will reach the dashboard of your account which looks like given below.

IQ Option Demo

How to Make Deposit in Iq Option?
How to Make Deposit in Iq Option?

Now don’t just go and start trading please if you are a beginner please practice trading properly first.

If you go and start trading without prior experience I assure you. You will lose all your precious money.

Now, you must be wondering from where do I start from well, simply just click on more video tutorials.

After you click it you will see a bunch of courses and tutorials which will help you in trading.

You can also go and learn to trade from udemy, & youtube.

How to Trade in IQ Option?

Once you have opened your account in Iq Option now it’s time to Trade.

If you have still haven’t opened your account click here to create it (Creating the account is completely FREE !!! and you will receive $1000 FREE CREDIT BONUS)

See the Image Below.

Iq Option Demo
Iq Option Demo

How to Use IQ Option?

Now, coming how to Use IQ Option?  For this article, I am using GBP CAD now use a good indicator.

I personally use RSI and Stochastic If you don’t know how to use it Read this guide.

Now, with the help of an indicator, you need to identify whether the market will go UP or DOWN.

Set the timer and hit the UP or DOWN Button. That’s it!!!

If your prediction is right, you will get an invested amount + interest rate.

For Example,  You invested $10 in GBP CAD which gives a return of 80%. Now, you predicted in the next 5 minutes the market will go UP.

Now, if the market stays Up for the next 5 min you win and as a result, you will win the invested amount ($10) + ($8) = $18.

IQ Option Winning Strategy: Iq Option Tricks


So, in this section, I will teach you the IQ Option Winning Strategy. I bet no one will ever tell you this strategy.

Firstly, You need to an IQ Option account. If you don’t have the one yet. click here. or you can fill the sign up below.

Log in to your account and you land to IQ Option Dashboard.

Now, you need to Turn your IQ Option default chart to Heiken Ashi Chart.

To do so, click on the chart button and click on Heiken Ashi.

Also, Change the colors of candles from Blue to Green.

Now, our Chart is ready and now it’s time to setup a Stochastic Indicator.

Click on the indicator button and select Stochastic from there.

Click on Stochastic Oscillator that’s it the basic setup is over.


Now, I will share with you my magic strategy that works like magic.

Here, I assume that you at least know the basics of Heiken Ashi in case you don’t know then click here.


Heiken Ashi is just like Candlestick, It shows the price movement of commodities, stocks, & more.


However, here, each candle is independent in Heiken Ashi.


The Golden Rule of Heiken Ashi is:

If the Last two Candles are Green then the Market is Bullish.



If the Last two Candles are Red then the Market is Bearish.


Heiken Ashi  Stohastic Strategy

Well, Using Heiken Ashi with Stochastic is damn very easy.


The Golden of Heiken Ashi Stohastic Strategy Says: 


If the Last two Candles are Green in Heiken Ashi and are cross the OverSold level or line 70 then go for BUY Trade.


Similarly, If the Last two Candles are Red in Heiken Ashi and cross the Overbought level or line 20 then go for SELL Trade. That’s it




Let’s look at one example. Can You see the two yellow boxes? They are the perfect examples here.

The last Two Candles are RED and the Stochastic Oscillator is in the Oversold region so, here, our price action will be SELL.


Check Your Knowledge

Comment Your Answers Below…..



IQ Option Review: Is Iq Option Scam

Iq Option Review
Iq Option Review

I am personally using Iq Option for like a year now. and I am truly satisfied with their services.


The company is approved with CYSEC, (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. which makes it a reliable Broker ).

They ensure that you stay safe from Trading brokers against any cheat as they protect Traders by the commission compensation fund for up to EUR 20,000 per case.


However,  The best way to determine if an app is legit or not is Google Play Review…

Iq Option Google Play Ratings
Iq Option Google Play Ratings

As you can see above Iq option has crazy 4.3 stars which mean it is 100% Legit and as per my research they have no complaints regarding payments & more.



  • A demo account of $10,000 is allotted to become a pro player.
  • High return up to 92%
  • Iq option is one of the Trusted and safest platforms.
  • The deposit and withdrawal process with Olymp trade is damn easy
  • They offer numerous tools, guides, webinars to teach newbie regarding trading.
  • 4.3 google Play rating


  • It is to be noted that trading in any field binary, crypto anywhere is a bit riskier. But once you pro you can control the risk.


As I said in my review section they are a 100.00% Legit platform. and Personally, I found this platform great. so, yes you can start trading Here.

However, It should be noted that trading in any field binary, crypto anywhere is a bit riskier. But once you pro you can control the risk.

So, go create your account now and start trading…

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IQ Option deposit: How to Deposit Money in Iq Option?

Well, In How to Deposit Money in Iq Option? The deposit and withdrawal process with Iq option is damn easy if you like quick transactions you can use an e-wallet.

Firstly, click on IQ Option Deposit in right side corner.

Now, Click on Top-up your account.

Now, as you can see below multiple payments options are available. Select Your payment method & amount. That’s it!! Deposit is successful.

As you can see above there various options available you can use Visa/Master card, Skrill & more.

How to withdraw money from IQ Option?

Similarly How to withdraw money from IQ Option?, withdrawing money from Iq Option is very easy.

Follow these steps given below:

Firstly, Click on your profile pic on the right-hand side corner.


Select Withdraw funds from there & Choose your desired payment method.


That’s it!!! Enter amount and your payment will be credited to your account within 24 hrs.


IQ Option Forex

There are two types of major investing options:

  1. Binary / Option Trading
  2. Forex Trading
  3. There are more investing Options like NIFTY & more which I will cover in my next article.

The above investment process I told was about Binary Options Trading now I will tell you about Forex.

You don’t need to open a separate forex account.

Just Sign Up in Iq Option and Click this link.

You will land to the page which looks something like this.

Iq Option Forex
Iq Option Forex

Now, Click on Trade Now and will land to the Forex Trading Platform Dashboard.

To Trade on Forex, you need to have a basic knowledge of Stop Loss and Take Profit. Please Comment below If you want to learn about it.

As you can see from the image almost everything is the same as Binary you just need to have a piece of good knowledge on Take Profit & Stop Loss.

[wpcd_coupon id=950]

Winding Up:

So, This is the end of this article I hope you found this article helpful.

By now you must have understood Iq Option Wiki, Iq Option Review, Iq Option Demo, Iq Option Forex, Iq Option USA, Iq Option Pros, Iq Option Cons, What is IQ Option?, How IQ Option Works?, How to Trade in IQ Option?, How to Use IQ Option?,Is IQ Option Legit?, How to Deposit Money in Iq Option?, How to withdraw money from IQ Option?.

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Given Below is the list of the most Frequently asked questions.



1. Is IQ Option Legit?

Ans: The best way to determine if an app is legit or not is Google Play Review…

Iq Option Google Ratings
Iq Option Google Ratings

As you can see above Iq option has crazy 4.3 stars which means it is 100% Legit and as per my research they have no complaints regarding payments & more.


2. Is IQ Option Legal in the USA?

Ans: No, it is not legal in the USA and you can’t even trade in Iq Option if you are from the USA.

However, don’t be sad I have the best alternative of Iq Option for you i.e Binomo.

3. How do I signup for IQ Option?

Ans: Firstly, Click this link (Signing Up is absolutely Free and it takes just 5 Secs.) and you will land on the Homepage of Iq option.

Enter your Email and Password and That’s it!!! Congrats the basic setup is now over.


4. Can the IQ option be trusted?

Ans: Answer to this yesss. According to my analysis IQ Option has a very good track record. and is certified so yes you can trust them.


5. In which country IQ option is available?

Ans: First of all IQ Option is definitely allowed in India as I am from India. so wanted to confirm this.

However, IQ Option is mostly allowed in European counties like UK, Germany, France and banned in the United States & all.

Final Bye

I hope this article was helpful to you and you must have learned something out of it.

If you loved it do rate and share with your friends…till then take care 🙂



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