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What is Olymp Trade?

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If you are an Internet user you must have seen Olymp Trade app advertisement at least once.

Now, Talking about Olymp Trade it is a multi-asset trading Platform owned by Inlustris ltd.

It is a Digital Trading Platform, where we can BUY or SELL commodities, Currencies & more.

However, Olymptrade is popular for Binary Options Trading. It provides one of the simplest trading platforms.

In case you don’t know what actually is Binary Option

It is the Financial exotic option in which the later payoff is either fixed or nothing at all.

There two types of binary options or nothing

2. asset or nothing

Now, The former pay the fixed amount of money if the option expires in the money while the latter pays the value of underlying security.

They are also called all or nothing options, digital options, fixed return options on American Stock Exchange.

If you didn’t understand the above concept yet don’t get demotivated you’ll understand further easily.

How Olymp Trade Works?

How Olymp Trade Works?

Olymp Trade was introduced with an idea of making the investment process more cheaper and easier.

Olymp Trade is one of the easiest methods to trade it’s just the game of correct predictions.

This platform enables you to trade on the different types of market and currencies, you simply need to click top click on rise or fall directions to make your predictions.

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How to Trade on Olymp Trade?

I know most of you like me are a beginner in the field of binary trading, therefore, the company offers two types of account

  1. Demo Account: If you are beginner it is necessary, to begin with, a demo account and then proceed with a real money account.

After, you are experienced with necessary trading skills you can proceed to the real money account.

In order to open your demo account you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Visit their official site
  2. Click open a new account
  3. Sign in as the member and confirm with your email address.
  4. Confirm the terms & conditions and choose the demo account option.

Once you are done with basic practices in the demo account you can open and start investing your money in Standard account.

However, It must be noted that in order to start investing Standard account you need to make an initial deposit of $10 but you can trade in as much as low as $1.

How to Open a New Account & Start Profiting?

First of all, Open Your Demo Account right now please don’t think so much it’s absolutely Free to open.

Once you click the above button you will land to the Homepage of Olymptrade (See Below).

Now, Enter your Details like Email address, Password, and the currency you want to trade on.

You can either Trade with USD (US Dollar) or EUR (Euros) and click on Checkbox and finally click Register.

That’s it it’s that easy and you now are done with the basic setup.

Once you’re done with basic sign up process you’ll land to the Olymptrade dashboard (see below).

Olymp Trade Demo Account

As you can see from the image above this is the demo account and 10000 has been provided by the company to learn the trading the amount is more than enough.

If you’ve signed up via my link you will see double your deposit Pop Up like if you deposit $50 you will receive $50 Bonus or simply click on Make a Deposit.

Olymp Trade Demo Account

Now, before you go and waste your demo account money I strongly recommend you to go for trading education first (click on the three lines on the left-hand side).

As you land on Education Page you’ll see the bunch of classes & courses and that is what I want you to complete before you start trading.

Deposit & Withdrawl

The deposit and withdrawal process with Olymp trade is damn easy if you like quick transactions
you can use an e-wallet.
However, there are various options like Visa, Netteller, Webmoney you can even make the
transaction via wire money.

How To Make $15 per day?

First of all this given below is my income proof I earned with this

Proof of make money from Olymp Trade

So…let’s get Started…

So, First of all, Open Your Demo Account right now.
I will also highly suggest you deposit at least $50 in Olymptrade you will get another $50
bonus for which you can make good profit.

Olymp Trade Winning Strategy

Okay, In this Section I will Tell you about my Olymp Trade Winning Strategy.

I Bet no one will ever tell you This easy trick…

Note: This Strategy gave me results it might work for you & may not I’m not responsible for your loss if any.

First of all, I assume you know the proper basics of candlesticks If you don’t trust me no one in this world can help you actually.

I Personally use two indicators i.e

  1. EMA OR Support & Resistance
  2. RSI
  3. Stochastic that’s it 🙂

Must: Read Support & Resistance from Here


First of all Click on EMA Twice and set one as 200 & other as 100 and choose a different colour for more clarity (See Image below).

How to use it?

It’s that simple if the yellow line (200 EMA) crosses and is above the blue line (100 EMA) then the market is in an upward trend so go for BUY TRADE & vice versa.

However, Also do consider RSI before placing a trade.


RSI is my favourite Indicator and it is the most simple & most accurate indicator in my experience.

How to use it?

Go to Indicator and click on RSI and keep it to 14 only.

You will see something like this..

Well, let me tell you some basics of RSI first please do note it down.

Overbought: If that line crosses 70 then the market is at the overbought situation.

This level usually indicates the best price level has already reached and indicates the end of the UP trend

Characteristics of Overbought:

At overbought level

  • Buyers get excited
  • Demand is most probably going to decrease
  • Price may decrease

At the overbought level, we should always place SELL TRADE as it indicates Down Trend.

Oversold: If the line crosses 30 then the market is in an oversold situation.

Similarly, Oversold usually indicates the end of Downtrend & start of uptrend so we should place BUY TRADE there.

Characteristics of Oversold:

At Oversold level

  • Sellers get excited
  • Demand may increase
  • Price may Increase

At the oversold level, we should always place BUY TRADE as it indicates Up Trend.

Now, you must be asking what about that 50 right?

Well, 50 is most important actually as per golden rule of RSI.

If the line comes Overbought level and crosses 50 then most probably it indicates Downtrend so we should place SELL TRADE there.


If the line comes oversold level and crosses 50 then most probably it indicates Uptrend so we should place BUY TRADE there.

As I said it helps to predict you can’t Blindly trust this

Sees my stats below after using this trick Please do start with small trades like $1 to try this and keep practising it.


Last but not least is Stochastic if you know how to use Stochastic & RSI together Trust me!!! you will minimize the loss to almost zero.

So, you must be excited to know how to use it.. well, it’s damn simple.

  • If Green Line is above or is in a rising position go for BUY Trade 
  • If Red Line is more clear & is in a falling position go for SELL Trade as simple as that.

To Gain more success look both at RSI & Stochastic if both agree on Bullish pattern go for BUY Trade & vice versa.


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